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    Hi, my name is Mr Deedledoo. Call me Dee. I am the current commander of the Navy. The Navy is an army which I created just a few months ago and is growing untill now. There are battles which we have joined, lost and won. I created this site so that we could join any penguins interested in joining in a more organized way. If you are already in an army and would like to negotiate with us, you can go to the Navy Embassy and we can talk there in a more appropriate way. I thank the ACP for giving us inspiration.

    Some friends I'd like to mention who made my life here worthwhile during his period of time: Ktman, Jedimaster17, Jarlo777/ACP Embassador 1, Wombat99, Benu2, Freshzac, Articsledder, Itachi6Dark, and Louistania.

    The Navy was shut down in 2008

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Dee is not here

I’m sorry. Dee has not been to this site for almost 2 years. If you wish to find him, go to the following websites in these links:

www.clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com (His organization)

www.mrdeedledoo.wordpress.com (His homepage)

He is still very active and would like to notify you that this site is not being used anymore but is left as a memorial for others. 🙂

Thank you for your understanding. We’ll be seeing you!

The Navy Staff


Hi again

Apparently, the Navy is now the RPA (Royal Penguin Arsenal) and the Brotherhood is long gone. If you want to be in a Navy, check out Shadow’s site. The NCP. Our new site is www.rparoyalpenguinarsenal.wordpress.com. I left this blog functioning for emergency purposes and other stuff.

Well see you all!



“Cheasy Post”

Guys, I think we should all now move to our new site. ITs easier to talk in one site than talk in two sites at the same time. We also have some new uniforms for members and non-members. Once again, the site is: www.rparoyalpenguinarsenal.wordpress.com





P.S. I haven’t heard from ACP Embassador 1 in a long time. Are you there?






No time sorry!




Out of Action…

Hi people…

Well, I have news. Our site will be out of action for a while because I have to fix the site…I’ll be a member soon too. Once I am a member, we’ll finally make our new site. OFFICIALLY. I know some of you (like ACP emb.) wanted to change our name into something to do with Knights. Well, that will be our next theme. I thought of a name. what about the Royal Penguin Arsenal? Mission: To defend penguin rights. You pretty much know what our uniform will be. This will make a standout and we can attract more players. ACP and the other armies have soldiers, we will have knights. It would look really cool to have a pile of heavy armoured penguins instead of the orignal bagpacks and stuff.

Well…what do you think?
I’ll alos not be much in the talk untill my dad makes me a member…

Anyway…see you all…


P.S. Try begging your parents to be a member or work hard for it. Tell them to give you condition. If not, have no fear. I’ll make a non-member uniform.




Is anybody here? Is anybody still on the Navy? It seems like ACP Embassador, Color Peng and I are the only ones here. What is so hard in having practice wars and promotions is that…we are not enough. I can’t even promote you guys even higher since tehre are no competitiors. Well, I’ll be going on recruit runs now. If you guys are still on the Navy or friends with us, please comment this post. I need to know.


Also, I’ve thought of a name we can really stick to. What about the Royal Penguin Arsenal. Once I become a member, I’ll be making this army officially and the uniform will be the Knight’s armour (may change in the future. I’ll also make the uniform for non-members. Once I do this, we WILL be in wars and be making practice wars and big recruit runs. So, I need all Navy members to ‘stand-by’.



The Brotherhood

The Navy has now officially been converted to The Brotherhood Of Club Penguin. You can go check the site now. I’ll be doing more updates on it. Also, you can check the Navy site now and then. I kept in case of emergency. Here is the site: http://www.bcpbrotherhoodofclubpenguin.wordpress.com


Live on the Brotherhood!